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To achieve success, four major important tenets always remember: Honesty, Hard work, Punctuality and Sincerity.
In 2015, the company established SUNSHINE ACCESSORIES MFC.BD.LTD. in Bangladesh, which is a holding subsidiary of Qidong Haotian Textile Co., Ltd., which sells products to Bangladesh and neighboring countries because of the particularity and application of the industry. Mengjiala has a strong advantage in building factories, with huge market potential and full development prospects. In 2015, the company completed the basic preparation in just one year: the rental and decoration of the delivery room, as well as the introduction and commissioning of machinery and equipment. Due to the investment in the early stage, the subsequent construction of the second generation is a must!

SUNSHINE ACCESSORIES MFC.BD.LTD, the investment company of Qidong Sanxin Garment Accessories Co., Ltd., is to serve customers better by getting close to customers and communicating with customers. In the past three years, the overall annual sales have increased exponentially. The long-term positioning is not only to open up the Bangladesh market. The more ambitious goal is to directly or indirectly radiate Bangladesh and neighboring countries and tap potential customers to expand the business scope!

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our business associates and workers who work tirelessly in our manufacturing facilities and have helped us succeed.
Finally, the York Group looks forward to succeeding in our planned diversification in new verticals like real estate and alternative energy. I would also take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years and hope that you would continue to partner with us in our journey.

Yours Sincerely,
MS Lili
Founder & Chairman

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